Ballin’ for Brains will play 3/2 SOFTBALL, which means each batter starts with the count at 1 ball and 1 strike.

Players: Each team should include 3 females and 7 males. At no point should there be more than 3 males in a row in the line-up.

Time Limit: Each game is 55 minutes with a maximum of 6 innings. The inning in progress at the end of 55 minutes will be the last inning completed. (An inning starts once the third out of the previous inning is called) The umpire will enforce this rule and will keep teams informed of time remaining.

Mercy Rule: 20 after 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5.

10 Run Rule: There is a 10 run per inning rule. When a team brings in the 10th run, it is counted and is also the 3rd out. In the final 10 minutes of the game (or the 6th inning), the 10 run per inning rule does not apply, beginning with the visiting team’s first at bat within that final 10 minutes.

Pitching: The legal pitch arc is 6′ – 12′. NO QUICK PITCHING.

Courtesy Runners: Substitutions will be the same sex/last out (or furthest in lineup card if no out).

Walks: Intentional walks will not be allowed. If a male batter is walked and the next scheduled batter is a female, she must bat unless the team has two outs – in which case she will have the option of hitting or taking a walk. Regardless of the number of outs, the guy will advance to second base if walked with a girl as the next scheduled batter. If the next batter is a “missing” girl and the team is forced to take an out, the guy automatically advances to second base (with all other runners advancing accordingly) before the automatic out is recorded.

Batting & Fouls: Once the batter has 2 strikes, they are allowed one courtesy foul. The next foul ball

Home Runs: Each team may hit a total of 3 out of the park home runs, every home run after that will be an out. Each team will be allowed to additional home runs, one each, matching each other one for one only.will be considered an out.

Courtesy Line: When a female is batting, all outfielders must stay behind the line (or cone or marked location) in the outfield, which will either be marked in the outfield or each team will be respectful and the umpire will monitor.

Baselines: A defensive player may not impede a runner’s progress by standing in the baseline, unless the defensive player is fielding a batted ball. In this instance the defensive player has the right to field it and the runner must avoid contact with the fielder. A defensive player may not block a base unless they have possession of the ball. Defensive players must catch the ball, block the base, then make the tag- in this order. Blocking of the bag without the ball shall result in an obstruction call, a warning to the offending player, and the runner will be awarded the base.

No Designated Fielder will be allowed. Any player playing the field must bat at some point during the game.

No stealing bases. SLIDING IS PERMITTED

No metal spikes are allowed, wearing metal cleats is an ejectable offense.

Disputes and protests:
In a disputed play, only the team captain may discuss the play with the umpire. If a protest is made by the team captain, the captain must notify the umpire and opposing team captain before the next pitch.

No fake tag outs will be allowed. Intentionally throwing the bat in anger or frustration after your turn up to bat will result in an automatic out for the batter and the following batter and may result in player’s ejection, upon umpire’s discretion. Interference (physical, verbal or visual distraction) will not be tolerated and may result in an ejection.

ASA Non-Approved Bat List with Certification Marks