You’re a big swinger.
You hit the ball over the fence every game.
You think you’re the man or WOman.

Sign-up for the HOME RUN DERBY!!

WINNER Receives One Hour at D Bat Batting Cages.


  • Each batter will have 10 swings.
  • Batters do not have to swing at every pitch.
  • A missed swing, foul ball or tip is counted as a swing.
  • The top 50% of players will advance to the following rounds (3 rounds in total).
  • Ties will lead to a sudden death round. Each batter will receive 4 swings.
  • Balls will be provided.
  • Players must use their own bats (ASA & USSSA approved only).
  • Batters may select their own pitchers; however, once a pitcher is selected, you may not switch pitchers.
  • Batters will receive 1 point for hitting over the designated distance line and 2 points for hitting it over the fence.
  • The top male and female with the most points will win their divisions.

* Ross Barnes of Spalding’s Chicago Team, which later became the Cubs, is credited with hitting the first home run in an organized major league game in 1876.